RACE REVIEW: Stockrods & Pinkrods 18 February 2017

Heat 1: The race sequence saw the Stocks/Pinks come out the gate first onto a very wet track. None of the drivers knew what to expect since the track was prepared by a different but very experienced contractor. The start was quite eventful with cars sliding everywhere and the pole man hitting the wall in turn 1. Gawie Jacobs made the most of the very slippery conditions with a few aggressive moves early on and quickly found himself at the sharp end of the field.
Chantall Eksteen came from last place on the grid to take the lead and eventually finished 2nd overall in the heat to the delight of the crowd.

Positions over the line:
Stocks - 1st Gawie Jacobs, 2nd Attie Groenewald, 3rd Lochie Eksteen.
Pinks – 1st Chantall Eksteen, 2nd Jeanine Els

Heat 2: The track started to dry and grip levels were improving. Most drivers kept tyre pressures the same as heat one but Lochie Eksteen took a gable on higher tyre pressures which saw him take the lead on lap 3. Henry Jacobs discovered his axle was bent explaining his handling issues in race one and with a much improved car was able to mount a challenge. Ivan Theron showed that he is a solid top three contender and finished the race ahead of race one winner Gawie Jacobs.

Pinks: Jeanine Swart had a good start and mixed it up with the “boys” and finished a strong 1st in her class. 

Positions over the line: 
Stocks - 1st Lochie Eksteen, 2nd Attie Groenewald, 3rd Ivan Theron. 
Pinks – 1st Jeanine Els, 2nd Chantall Eksteen 

Gawie Jacobs | Jeanine Els | Chantall Eksteen | Lochie Eksteen | Attie Groenewald

Heat 3: By the end of the night the track was in a superb condition with very high levels of grip in line 1 and line 2. Lochie Eksteen started in pole and dominated the race from the start. The fight for second place was a hard battle between Attie Groenewald, Gawie Jacobs and Ivan Theron. Attie Groenewald developed engine trouble and was forced to slow down on the final two laps almost giving away his fourth position to a very fast and hard charging Henry Jacobs. 
Pinks: Both Jeanine and Chantall showed remarkable pace and proved that they will be a serious threat to the “boys”. Both ladies are getting very important seat time which should pay off once the Pinkrod class is back to full strength (six cars) and run as a separate heat. 

Positions over the line: 
Stocks - 1st Lochie Eksteen, 2ndGawie Jacobs, 3rd Ivan Theron. 
Pinks – 1st Jeanine Els, 2nd Chantall Eksteen